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Bootable Flash Drives

Bootable Mac OS on USB Flash Drive

An essential tool all Mac owners should have for their Mac.

By having your own bootable copy of your Mac OS X on a separate device

ensures that you'll always be able to install, reinstall, upgrade or perform 

basic troubleshooting tasks, even if you have no connection to the Internet.

More reasons why you want a Bootable USB Flash Drive  

  • Takes too long to download entire system.

  • Looking for an offline tool for operating system recovery.

  • If you need different or older OS after replacing hard drive.

  • Reinstall OS X in the event of some catastrophe.

  • Use Disk Utility from USB to format new hard drive.

  • Want to downgrade because your software is not compatible with new OS

2 Systems on 1 USB Bootable Flash Drive

Apple has made it difficult to go back to an older OS. 

You can only go back to get the old systems if you had previously “purchased” the system. Your download is tied to your Apple ID and considered a purchase.

The installer lives in your application folder

and it deletes itself once it has been run and installed. 

You lose the old installer application once you upgrade.

All 4 Mac Operating Systems available
Lexar 16GB JumpDrive S50

All Flash Drives are created on a MacPro and then test booted on a MacBook Pro.

2 Systems on 1 USB Bootable Flash Drive

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